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with regular dividend payments and steady growth that has produced an average total return of over 15% per year.

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There is simply no other stock that can be counted on to pay you 12 dividends per year and provide a safe, growing cash income stream in retirement.

This stock should be at the core of your income portfolio. If you don't own it, buy it today. If you do own it, buy more. Hold it forever and leave it for your grandchildren.

Wade J, Powhatan, VA

"I am a satisfied customer of yours, having finally found an advisor who reflects my view on investing for income. I'm 66 so income is my primary goal but I want stable vehicles as well. I am using many of your recommendations and some tax free positions to fund my retirement. Thank you!"

Mel G, Las Cruces, NM

Since joining you in late 2016, we have done well with your recommendations... With this much extra income, life is good. (We are leaving on a 10 day Caribbean cruise today!)"

Alan L, Galveston, TX

Just a quick note to say the new breakdown by Conservative - Aggressive - Fixed Income is a HUGE benefit to my dividend investing. As a new subscriber, I am just getting started building out my Dividend Hunter portfolio, and this list will certainly help me create a mix of investment styles to balance my risk/reward desires. Thank you!

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More About The Dividend Hunter Tim Plaehn

Tim Plaehn is the Lead Analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, where he publishes The Dividend Hunter, Automatic Income Machine, and Weekly Income Accelerator newsletters.

Prior to joining Investors Alley, Tim was a stock broker, a Certified Financial Planner, and an F-16 fighter pilot with the United States Air Force. In addition to his primary duty of flying the F-16 to defend our nation’s skies, Tim was an instructor in the F-16 Flying Falcon and the OV-10 Bronco.

During his time in the service, Tim was stationed at various military locations including Osan AB, Korea, Patrick AFB, and Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in mathematics.

It was during the years when Tim was a Certified Financial Planner helping families and individuals plan their finances and make wise investment decisions that he found his second passion in life: investment research. Flying was and still is his first.

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As you'll discover in Tim's free report, his unusual background of being a mathematician, fighter pilot, and stock broker have all come together in a good way. They’ve helped Tim create a very special, very successful way of investing that is based around the concept of automatic income.

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