Plus, have some leftover to treat yourself guilt-free with dining, entertainment, and travel.

You’re not rich exactly, but you’ve taken care of the weekly expenses. No avoiding the mailbox because of unexpected bills.

Many might say that’s complete and absolute freedom

It sounds unbelievable, but I’ll prove to you this is possible today. And it’s incredibly simple to do.

You only need 
one stock to pay your bills for life.

That’s it. No options, cryptocurrencies, day trading, futures, or penny stock. One stock – it’s that simple.

Even better, you can easily set yourself up for this type of lifetime income in just a few minutes.

Keep reading to learn about a proven, mathematically-based plan to generate a passive income stream that will outlive you.

Thank you for downloading my dividend report – Buy And Hold This Dividend Stock Forever. It will arrive in your inbox shortly. While you wait, you might enjoy reading this popular income opportunity.

I must say that Dividend Hunter turned into the greatest goldmine of dividend advice, education, and guidance for the investments I could have ever hoped for! I am now a lifetime subscriber, a one-time expense well worth the price.


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Imagine having enough cash to cover your monthly expenses — your groceries, prescriptions, electric bills, and anything else you need.

Thousands already make income this way. 

Many have already paid up to $100 per year for the information you’ll find in the plan, but you’re getting it 100% free.

I’ve put together a bill-paying roadmap with exact calculations that anybody can follow.

And you don’t need a ton of money to be successful.

Starting with as little as $25,000, you’ll be able to generate a healthy 5-6 figures of income annually if you follow what I’ll share with you.

Many of my 6,043 paid subscribers already use this income stream with excellent results.

You can tell that Tim is dedicated to helping small investors, and he makes good sense! I am feeling very little stress investing his way, and feel  his strategy is one of the safest money-making things I can do.

Christine Mickelson

Tim and his group helped me turn the lights on in my head and build a great portfolio of income producing stocks. In the course of a year I was able to triple my portfolio value with continuing dividend additions.

Gary Tanner

I am very pleased with the process.  Everyone needs balance to their portfolio and solid income generator's such as his Dividend recommendations does just that. You cannot go wrong using his service.

Wayne Bustle

I must say that Dividend Hunter turned into the greatest goldmine of dividend advice, education, and guidance for the investments I could have ever hoped for! I am now a lifetime subscriber, a one-time expense well worth the price.

Mark Cotter

Tim knows that equipping his subscribers with the skills and confidence to prevent, recognize, and respond to the disruptive behaviors of the financial market is more important than ever.

George Upton

Thanks to my easy-to-follow, virtually passive method, you’ll have awesome days where income automatically shows up in your account.

You’ll feel that stress sitting in your chest disappear. You’ll start living in the present again rather than worrying about the future.

The simple, joyful things in life, like getting together for dinner with your friends won’t be a budgeting nightmare.

You’ll have enough saved to weather any unexpected medical bills or house repairs. Even being in a position to give more to your grandchildren’s fundraisers. Plus, they will be no more fears about being forced to pull out the credit card and go into debt.

It’s freedom. Freedom to 
spend your time as you want without any outside pressures. You won’t need to make concessions to pay that inflated gas bill in the winter months. You’ll enjoy the freedom of not relying on others.

Freedom is a beautiful thing.

The only way to get to this ‘freedom from monthly bills’ is to have an accelerated income stream 
in place.

Freedom to spend your time as you wish.

Hello. My name is Tim Plaehn. I am the architect behind this accelerated income plan. 

I started my career off serving as an F-16 fighter pilot in the United States Air Force while studying mathematics. 

I went on to become an instructor, a position reserved for the highest-achieving pilots. 

After serving, I spent eight years as a stockbroker and licensed financial advisor. 

I honestly struggled for years to make money for both myself and my clients. None of the “complicated” trading methods touted worked or made any sense. Those who taught them seemed only interested in making themselves rich, not my clients. 

It wasn’t until I discovered the math behind this 36-month plan that everything clicked. Rather than searching for ‘hot stocks,’ I now invest already knowing how much income I’ll generate.

That’s me back in my fighter pilot days learning the kind of discipline and focus I now apply to researching high-yield dividend and income investments.

Tim Plaehn

The Dividend Hunter

That sounds daunting. Well, retirement will tend to go for 30 years... 

Thus, if we have $230,640 every 10 years…plus, an average of $1,341 per month in Social Security, according to Investopedia… 

We’d end up with an income alone of $1,174,680. That is more than enough to pay for retirement. And that’s not even touching your portfolio principal. This is income alone. 

This is the reliable income waiting for you today…

The average cost of retirement is $738,400–will you have enough?

Predictable income without a job equals freedom for life. If only more retirees knew about what you’ll see today.

This truly is a game-changer for retirement living. 

And, frankly, it can’t come at a better time… 

Because I built this plan to solve the one looming issue most retirees face. 

With our 36-month plan, we are not praying for massive 1,000% gains. We want income. Period.

We will only buy companies if they are selling for cheap and have a bright financial future…

And we will only sell if we believe the stock is getting too expensive to sustain itself.

Many of my closed positions follow this exact roadmap, and it’s worked perfectly. My readers sold right before the stocks dropped.

Oaktree Capital Group hit one of its highest price points at $54.14 in 2015. I recommended selling.

In the next 11 months, the stock tanked nearly 25%. It never got back up to the $50s.

Share prices are virtually irrelevant in retirement.

I recommended buying CyrusOne Inc., a data center company. 

10 months after recommending to “buy,” the stock shot up 57.69% with income to boot. 

Again, capital gains are nice, but we focus on income. If a company is growing and they expect to increase their income payouts, we stay with them through the dark days. 

Meaning, we don’t panic if our stock goes down 10% because eventually, it will go up again. 

When it goes down 10%, we buy more of the stock and pick it up at a nice discount because we’re picking up the income along the way… and that’s what this system is all about: cash income. 

The stock is up over 600% since the March 2009 bottom plus another 200% in cash income. 

That’s how we compound our money at a faster pace…buy good businesses when down to compound our income.

Retire on this one type of stock.

I’m focused solely on high-yield dividend stocks.

These are companies that pay above-average dividends each quarter (some every month). It’s not unusual to see 7.9%…11.6%…even 21.2% yields. 
All paid out regularly, like a paycheck. Meaning, you know exactly how much you’ll make every month.

36-Month Accelerated Income Plan

Creating a lifetime of income doesn’t have to be complicated or risky. No matter what other financial advice you read today, I’m telling you it’s simple.

The hard part is staying disciplined and consistent with your strategy. Unfortunately, most retirees don’t have a strategy except hoping for a perpetual bull market. As you’ve seen, that won’t happen.

That’s why I’ve put together an entire 36-month roadmap for you — step-by-step…easy-to-follow…

Yes, you’ll get the investments to make, but also you’ll discover there’s much more to it than that.

I lay out the entire plan inside my premium report, The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan.

It’s absolutely free. Inside, you will discover:

 • How to set up your 401(k), IRA, or brokerage account for the plan (takes 12 minutes) so income continues to flow into your account.

 • The #1 rule that will double your money regardless of stock price. 

 • A killer strategy to add potentially 245% portfolio increases to your account balance. 

 • Step-by-step directions on how to execute the 36-month accelerated plan to perfection.

 • When to buy & sell your stocks without losing your shirt. 

 • Free bonus report: “Tim Plaehn’s Top 10 Income Stocks that Pay Your Bills for Life!”

What You Get

A recent CNN poll revealed the #1 fear of retirees is running out of money.

Let me repeat that: today’s retirees fear running out of money more than anything in the world, including death.

You’re forced to depend on the government or get charity from family if you don’t have any money. Maybe even rely on strangers.

Living off Social Security alone is tough, already seeing as the average monthly check is $1,341, according to Investopedia.

I’ve surveyed thousands of investors, and asked, “What’s your biggest fear financially?”

The #1 answer, by far, was “I am afraid I’ll run out of money and go broke.”

That’s when I decided to put together this 36-month income battle plan.

If you’re prepared to be a disciplined and consistent investor, this plan will be your saving light.

Because in retirement, you need to be focused on income if you want your money to outlive you. Living stress-free without taking a part-time job requires regular cash flow.

I’ve calculated 36 months as the ideal runway needed to create your own, personal money tree. I’ve done the math myself for you.

At the end of 36 months, you’ll have a virtually passive income stream. You only need to check up on 1-2x per month.

Our entire goal with the 36-month plan is to lay the groundwork in our portfolio for massive income. That’s it, plain and simple.

Income pays your bills, hence our focus.

And you’ll be shocked how little the risk is to do this.

36 months to squelch the #1 retirement fear.

The Killer Mistake Of Living Off Capital Gains

If you’re expecting to live off capital gains, you could be headed for disaster. Capital gains don’t pay the bills. It’s not ‘real’ money until it’s in your checking account.

But the only way to capture those gains is by doing something crippling… You have to sell your stocks to receive the profits!

The Dividend Hunter 

These don’t cost a penny to you. All I ask in return is you start a risk-free trial of my flagship service, The Dividend Hunter.

The Dividend Hunter is my private group where I reveal how to both profit from top dividend companies and see consistent “paychecks” monthly.

My ‘Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar’ updates each month as I find better companies to invest in. You always know which stocks are paying dividends that month.

Normally, companies paying out large sums are not household names. Blue chips typically pay 1-3% yields. That’s not enough to retire on. We have to dig deeper to find income-producing companies.

To be successful, you only need two criteria:

 • The company is growing in the next 3-5 years. 

 • The dividends have a track record of increasing or staying steady.

All of Warren Buffett’s top 5 dividend holdings have rising dividends, and we’re following his lead.

These criteria are imperative because all high-yield companies aren’t strong businesses. I showed you an example above when I called the top for Oaktree Capital Group. 

Just searching for companies with the highest yield and picking a bad apple could destroy a portfolio.

That’s why I spend much of my day in the trenches — talking with executives at these companies and making decisions based on what they say.

After following the 36-month accelerated income plan, you’d be collecting a $2,819.12 per month paycheck on a modest 6-figure portfolio.

Over 10 years, that’s $338,294.40 of income
. Not stock gains…income.

Imagine that like clockwork forever.

In fact, you’ll know down-to-the-day when your checks arrive. You do this by designating when you want to receive them.

I’ll show you how that works with my free Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.

How to find the right companies for your 36-month plan.

In the calendar, you’ll get the exact dates when you need to be an owner of the stocks and when you should expect your paychecks. It’s pretty clear-cut and yet extremely powerful in helping you build wealth quickly.

Every green marker signifies when money will deposit into your checking account to pay the bills. You’ll get this calendar free when you start the plan today.

Once you’ve completed the 36-month plan, your entire financial future will be built around this calendar.

It’s pretty exciting when you see money deposited and you didn’t do a lick of work.

Retirement is supposed to be enjoyable after all. Why live in a constant state of fear the markets will collapse or not knowing how much to safely withdraw?

The 36-month plan completely cuts out the fear of the unknown.

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The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar

Hopefully, you feel I’ve been open with you here. I’m a straight shooter. I don’t have time for investors chasing the next big thing.

I’m not trying to win awards, recognition, or land on the Forbes 1000 list. I invest in high-yield stocks to fund my lifestyle.

This 36-month plan is a calculated, math-driven solution to pay your bills for life.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, this won’t make you rich tomorrow.

You save for your golden years in hopes of retiring wealthy. After you retire, you simply need income to enjoy the rest of your days.

Dividend income, not capital gains, is how you get there. Is it the most exciting investment strategy ever? No, of course not.

If you need to invest in a few penny stocks to get your adrenaline rush, by all means, go ahead. 

Just make sure you stay true to the plan I’ve laid out for you.

Once you complete the plan, you’ll then take advantage of the second free bonus I have for you: The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.

You’ll get both of these bonuses today at no cost:

 • The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan
 • The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar

• 12 monthly newsletter issues where I teach you how to develop a successful dividend investing strategy with my high-yield picks. These issues hold the picks that you will need for your 36-month plan.

 • FREE Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar. You’ll get an email with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your predictable dividend income stream. An absolute must-have and it’s updated every month.

 • 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. You get a full 100% money-back guarantee: just request a refund during the first year of your subscription and get your money back. You deserve exactly what I’m promising in this presentation.

 • Free Upgrade #1: Weekly Buy recommendations. Every Tuesday I’ll send you an update on the current ‘best buys’ in the portfolio so you’ll know where to put any new or additional investment funds so you can reign in even more cash.

 • Free Upgrade #2:
 U.S. Dividend Stock Investing for Canadian Investors. Many Canadian readers wanted in on the action such that I put together a free guide so you can invest alongside us here in the States.

 • Free Upgrade #3: Regular training and education live sessions. This way you’ll become a better income investor that puts you in a position to make even more extra income during retirement.

 • Free Upgrade #4: Dividend Forecaster tool. Always know exactly how much income you will receive from your investments with our Dividend Forecaster. An elite tool that comes free with your subscription.

What you get with a risk-free subscription to The Dividend Hunter:

For the amount of value you’re getting, I’d be tempted to offer zero refunds. I can’t afford to waste time with investors who aren’t serious. 

However, I understand there will always be skeptical folks in this day and age of the internet, especially because you’ve never met me. 

I understand. I didn’t grow up with this technology either. 

So, to make it a no-brainer decision for you, I’m offering a 365-day money-back guarantee. 

That’s an entire year to test out the program, see all of my research, and start collecting big dividend checks every month.

365 Full Days To Test Out The 36- Month Plan

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Nothing, really. Dividend stocks are not as vulnerable to the wild swings of the market.

Instead, they pay out regardless of what the market does - which is why it’s the perfect strategy for stable retirement income.


What happens to my income if the market goes down?

What if I’m close to retirement age?

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 60 - this strategy works at any age.

However, the full payouts won’t start hitting until you’re 36 months into it. So plan accordingly.

Is this passive income? How much time do I have to devote to this?

You do still have to actually make the trades. But gone are the days of staring at your computer screen for hours every day.

And with the “hack” that I’ll teach you, you’ll be able to pass off these trades to your broker and let them manage your dividend portfolio - freeing up even more of your time!

How will we find these high-paying dividend stocks?

I’ll give them to you.

We’re not looking for household names here. I’ll find companies that are growing for the next 3-5 years. Then, I’ll whittle down that list to only companies that have had steady or growing dividends.

I find these stocks by doing the legwork: attending conferences, company presentations, and meetings with company executives.

I find the info you can’t find on a balance sheet, and use that to find the best dividend paying stocks on the market for you.

Won’t we miss out on big winners if we focus on this strategy?

This is a “moneyball”-type strategy.

We’re looking for steady base-hitters, not home runs. Why?

Our main goal is stability.

We want reliable income from our trades. Trying to hit home runs will leave us open to a lot of strikeouts.

But if we focus on base-hitters, we can put together a steady stream of income that we can rely on long-term.

Kiss Your Money Worries Goodbye!

This 36-month accelerated income plan pays your bills for life. You only need one stock for the plan to work…

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Tim Plaehn
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