My brand-new trading system has thrown off 40 winners out of my last 45 trades. And Now…

You Could Collect an Average of up to $300 in Extra Income

Every 48 Hours!

By Trading These Lightning-Fast “48-Hour Income Plays”

What If you could go to bed tonight and wake up with hundreds of dollars more in your pocket just 48 hours later?

You see, I’ve figured out a way for you to collect an average of up to $300 in extra income in 48 hours — using my NEW proprietary 48-Hour Income Trading System.

And the best part is, with over 23 years of trading experience… I am confident to claim it will deliver a 70% win-rate. 

In fact, I’ve already exceeded these expectations and have delivered a 92% win-rate since I started sharing this strategy.

With my 48-Hour Income Trading System, you could be pulling in weekly income payments worth up to $360, $390, and even $405 on what I call “48-Hour Income Trades.”

These are lightning-fast income payments you can collect in two days flat…

Every week of the year, like a well-oiled machine…

In both bear and bull markets. 

In fact, this system works especially well in volatile markets like the one we’ve seen. 

And more importantly, even if we plunge into a recession… your income could still flow in…

And you sleep worry-free at night. 

Better yet…

I guarantee you’ve never heard of this trading style on MSNBC…

Or written about in the Wall Street Journal…

And your financial advisor has no clue it even exists.

This is a revolutionary way to generate income.

And I’m introducing it exclusively for Investors Alley’s readers… for the very first time. 

But I’m not a famous investor you’ll see on TV or going viral on social media…

Nor have I ever worked at any investment bank, for that matter.

I’m just an at-home trader living in Arizona who figured out how to fund his dream life by trading the stock market…

From the comfort of my own home…

….with as much free time as I want to enjoy hobbies, watch my Kansas City Chiefs, and spend time with my family.

The only requirement is to sit down at your computer for 10 minutes a week

Now, I want you to imagine having $300 in extra income every week.

That’s $1,216 a month… and $14,592 a year.

Enough to get your retirement back on track… return to the standard of living you’re used to…

Or simply having extra thousands of dollars in spending money. 

And if you’ll stay with me for the next few minutes, I’ll tell you how you can do just that… 

…how you can make this your most profitable year in the stock market…

….in less than ten minutes a week.

In fact, by the end of this letter, you’re going to know how to make your first 48-Hour Income Trade.

This is an actual trade you can place in your brokerage account…

That could potentially hand you $360, $390, or even $405 cash by the end of the week.

You’ll need around $10k+ for the strategy… but it’s worth it.

Plus, I’m going to reveal my simple 3 step checklist for finding these types of substantial income payouts…

So you can collect them every single week of the year on your own. 

Sound amazing? 

Then follow along…

…is not buying and holding dividend-paying stocks… bond laddering…or sitting on the sidelines with cash in a “high yield” savings account.

Because as I’ll show you, the market has radically changed.

And most “go-to” income investing strategies are outdated. 

If you want a reliable source of income that can transform your life…

You need a faster, more explosive strategy.

One that can keep up with all the changes and uncertainty. 

That’s why I created my 48-Hour Income Trading System.

Which achieves this…

WITHOUT sacrificing the safety and security of the income investing methods you’re accustomed to. 

Just take a look at some of the 48-Hour Income Trades I’ve made lately…

Like on Wednesday, April 19th, when I got in on the movie theater giant, AMC…

Just 48 hours later, I closed this position for a quick $240 cash payout.

On the same day, I bought into Pacific Western Bank…

And 48 hours later closed out for another $255 payout.

Once more on April 19th, I bought the Biotech ETF, LABU…

And 48 hours later closed out for $405 in income.

And I added yet another trade that same Wednesday, this time on Affirm Holdings, the San Francisco financial tech giant…

And 48 hours later had a $360 payday.

Ok, I think you get the point. Of course, results aren’t guaranteed, and past performance doesn’t indicate future performance.

These traded would require around $10k to execute each FYI.

That’s not much in the grand scheme of things… but I want you to see how my 48-Hour Income Trading System turns a typically slow, boring investment style…

Into a lightning-fast, weekly dopamine rush of extra money in your bank account. 

In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how this system works…

And how anyone can start using it to generate reliable weekly income…

No matter your experience level as an investor.

But first, I should introduce myself.

The Single Most Effective Way To Generate Reliable Income In 2023

If you’re looking for some elitist Ivy League graduate…

I’m not your guy.

Instead of a glass corner office, I prefer to trade the markets from the comfort of my own home…

I don’t drive a Ferrari or fly on private jets…

My Name is Jay Soloff

Jay Soloff

And I don’t have multiple vacation homes.

But that’s the way I like it. 

You see, I wasn’t always an at-home trader with more free time than I know what to do with.  

Once upon a time, it was Wall Street or bust for me.

Jay Soloff

Being a junior trader on Chicago’s exchange floor meant 80-hour work weeks…

Being the whipping boy for senior management…

And endless meetings that made me want to pull my hair out.

The day finally came when I was ready to enter Wall Street for real.

But did I want to?

Did I really want to be a slave to the system… endure anxiety-filled sleepless nights… all to make OTHER people rich?

It shocked my friends and family… but my answer was “No.”

My dream of being a Wall Street hotshot was dead before it even began.

But the one of making a living as a trader was more alive than ever. 

I didn’t need “the Street”.

I would do it myself…

A self-made man who lived on his own terms.

So I moved to Arizona to enjoy the hot weather and trade for myself.

And that’s what I’ve done for over ten years.

I’m a self-trader who’s achieved market-beating results year after year…

Take a look at how you could’ve done if you started trading with me earlier.

In 2019, for example… my readers and I won 84% of our trades. 

And in 2020, when the market crashed… our win rate INCREASED to 87%. 

In 2021, my readers and I won 45 out of 47 trades… for a near-perfect 95% win rate!

Then as stocks went down in 2022… we still beat the market with a 70% win rate!

Including these trades, we made on just one stock…

On March 8th, we closed a 15.60% win in just 37 days!

You could’ve started with $5,000 and walked away with over $71,005 from just ONE of my other trading strategies

And we beat the stock market in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 (a bear market)

Graph showing a 15.60% increase in 37 days.

Then in April, just 6 days later…

We traded again for a 6.13% win as the stock fell!

Graph showing a 6.13% win.

May was a similar story…

A nice 3.91% win, even with volatility:

Graph showing a 3.91% win for May.

June, a 2.75% win closed in 31 days…

A 2.75% win for June.

July: 3.83% in 31 days…

Graph showing a 3.83% win for July.

August: 3.21%… September: 3.23%… October: 2.38%…

Or in 2021, we 96X’d the effective yield on the largest gold ETF with one trade!

Graph showing a 96X return.

I’ve also shown my readers these all-time winners:

  • VXZ = 367% 
  • XLY = 170% in just a few days
  • WMT = 178%
  • DISH = 109%
  • FAST  = 233% as the market fell
  • GLD = 156%
  • XLB = 222%
  • ARNC = 70%
  • And… 1,421% on ETFC

Not every trade works out like this… 

But these winners can be life-changing.

Especially that monster win on ETFC.

Just $5,000 would’ve turned into $71,050. 

And since 2018… 

1,421% is:

  • 172% higher than Google’s stock return
  • 128% higher than Apple’s stock 
  • 150% higher than Microsoft’s stock

(this is a different strategy, but shows you how successful I’ve been trading.)

And don’t just take my word for it. 

Look at this small sampling of notes my readers have sent me over the years: 

Jay is excellent. You can listen to him all day and his knowledge is second to none.”
— Samuel B. 

“[This strategy] has tremendously changed my life. It has given me an additional income opportunity to add to my multiple sources of income….”
— Curtis S. 

“…. your philosophy of earning (and compounding) INCOME is what we need to ensure we do not outlive our money.
— Richard A. 

“…. we had all our money under management. Today, we’ve moved over $3.5 million into [these] recommendations…. Keep up the good work!”
— Mark T. 

*We offer compensation for readers like these who provide honest feedback

Plus, I’m not buying and holding a stock for 13 years, praying it goes up. We’re in and out of the trades for real, actual profits.

Because the truth is…

While the results I just showed you are pretty dang impressive…

Times have changed. 

The economy is still on a see-saw…

We’re still recovering from our massive fight with inflation…

And even after having its worst performance since 2008…

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for this volatile market. 

In fact, things look rockier than ever. 

Every which way I turn, I see headlines like…

“Central banks face a sharper trade-off than they have experienced in the past four decades, between crushing growth or living with higher inflation.”  – Blackrock [R]

“Dow falls for a fifth day despite an emergency backstop….” – CNBC [R]

“Expect More Volatility: Stock Market Swings After Inflation Fuels Uncertainty Over Fed Rate Hikes” – Forbes [R]

So let me tell you…

If your income took a big hit last year, it’s not your fault.

Most income investors got blindsided because they lacked the right system for today’s markets. 

They buy and hold stocks for months and years… hoping the market will turn around.

Or at least that the dividends they’re collecting will make up for it.

That’s not what I do.

This is not about sitting around hoping inflation will go down and the stock market will turn around…

And that maybe your dividends will make up for it.

That’s not working right now.

And even if it is… it’s not enough.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that, too, right?

That’s why you’re reading this letter. 

Instead, I developed a system that helps generate fast, reliable income every single week…

Worth hundreds of dollars. 

In fact, this system turns the market’s volatility… into an advantage. 

And that’s how I’ve collected an average of $300 in extra income from these winning trades.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking…

If these 48-Hour Income Trades are so great and reliable, why isn’t everyone trading them?

The reason is simple… 

But That’s NOT The Trading
I’m Sharing with You Today

They’ve been duped by the mainstream media…

By Wall Street…

And even by other so-called “gurus” who have all told you income investing needs to be slow and boring…

And that anything fast and high profit is “risky.”

It may come as a surprise…

But I believe much of this can be traced back to this 1978 change to the tax code:

Gurus, Wall Street, and the Mainstream
Media have duped most people

Screenshot of The Revenue Act of 1978.

Why do I say this? Because this change helped corporate executives dodge taxes with bonuses and stock options. 

This meant Americans began losing their guaranteed retirement income.

And in its place, the 401(k) was introduced.

Or, as Forbes puts it:

“Corporate America needed a way to reduce costs and transfer the risk from the company onto the employee. Congress was determined to create additional options in order to shift funding away from pension plans, hence the birth of the 401(k).”

In 1998, 59% of Fortune 500 companies offered pensions.

Today, only 14% do.

In turn, millions of Americans put their trust in vehicles like the 401(k)…

Which CNBC reports, “has fallen short for millions of Americans.”

So if you’re struggling to generate consistent income that moves the needle. 

Don’t beat yourselves up. 

It’s really not your fault.

You’ve been told to invest in blue chips and be happy with a measly quarterly dividend inside a 401(k). 

And maybe that’s good enough for you. 

It’s your money. 

So it’s your decision to make.

But that’s not OK for me. 

If your answer is yes…

I want to show you how to get your income flowing again like a raging river…

By trading weekly options.

That’s right, I’m using options to generate income.

I know what you’re thinking…

Isn’t that an oxymoron, Jay?

Decades ago, it might have been.

But with the little-known type of way to trade options my system uses…

It can be one of the most effective and secure ways to generate income.

I’m living proof these 48-hour trades work…

The list of weekly payments I’ve collected goes on and on…

Here are 7 winning trades I placed on a single Wednesday…

  • $390 on First Republic Bank(FRC)…
  • $405 on Direxion Biotech ETF(LABU)… 
  • $240 on AMC Entertainment (AMC)….
  • $285 on Novavax (NVAX)…
  • $360 on Affirm Holdings (AFRM)…
  • $150 on PacWest Bancorp (PACW)…
  • $255 on Contextlogic (WISH)…

These were placed fast, and I wasn’t being selective. (These would require about 10 contracts each).

In fact, my win rate right now is 87%!

I don’t even know stock traders with that type of success percentage…

Much less an options trader!

So can options be a reliable and secure way to generate income?

Clearly YES!

With my brand new 48-Hour Income Trading System.

Which I started testing during one of the most difficult markets in recent memory.

You see, I’d put my track record as an options trader up against anyone’s. 

I Want More Income Every Single Week
Of the Year… How About You?

But when the markets tanked last year…

I knew I needed a new way to make sure my family still had food on the table.

And it would be the greatest challenge of my career. 

So I got to work developing this system…

Taking all that I knew as a former floor trader to create a system that was safe, repeatable, and easy to understand. 

I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished this feat for you here to use now.

For you, it’ll be as simple as following the instructions in emails like this:

My verified record of beating the market from 2019-2022 with big winners like 1,421% is stone-cold proof of that

Screenshot of a trade alert.

Where I provide all the trade details every Wednesday…

And show you how to profit on or before Friday.

However, behind the scenes, my system is crunching numbers and equations like this:

Screenshot of a trading algorithm.

And it’s all thanks to the magic behind this breakthrough income-generating system…

In case you’re not already familiar….

An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a stock at a specific price on or before a certain date.

Now, buying options CAN be risky…

Because it can come with unlimited risk.

That’s not how my 48-Hour Income Trading System works… at all.

This strategy uses a little-known type of weekly option…

That allows you to SELL an options contract…

And buy the underlying stock BELOW its current market value at the same time. 

Which as you’ll see…

Makes options trading way more reliable and safe.

In fact, weekly options give you three massive advantages as an income investor:

Advantage #1: An Antidote to Volatility

Weekly options are similar to standard options… But instead of expiration dates months or even years out… these contracts expire on a weekly basis.

In my case, I get into a new position on Wednesday…

With contracts that expire on Friday…

Handing me a cash payout in just two days’ time.

Hence the name of my strategy, the “48-Hour Income Trading System.”

With stock investing, you’re buying and holding for months and years at a time.

Which means you’re at the mercy of macroeconomic trends and black swan events.

With weekly options, you simply need to be “right” 48 hours later.

And using the checklist I share below….

I’ve proven you can do that with a very high level of confidence.

Advantage #2: Multiple Ways to Profit

With this little-known type of weekly options trading, you can profit in both bear and bull markets, as I showed you with my hypothetical trades last year. 

The markets crashed, but you can still collect steady income with this trade.

Advantage #3: Protection from the Downside 

Unlike ordinary options, you never have to worry about “blowing up” when the market makes a huge move…

Because there’s limited loss potential with this system.

Specifically, you’ll always have cash set aside to buy the underlying stock for cheap.

Altogether, using this little-known type of weekly options trade… you gain an edge over today’s chaotic markets.

No longer is your portfolio tossed around like a ship lost at sea every time an earnings report comes out…

In fact, whether earnings are bad or good… you can still profit from a stock within just 48 hours…

And without taking on a lot of risks normally associated with buying options. 

Brand new research confirms this:

Weekly Options: Your Golden Ticket to
Generating Weekly Income 

Graph of Non-0DTE vs. 0DTE portfolios

This is a little-known type of weekly options trade…

Where you SELL an options contract and set aside the cash to buy the stock at the same time.

Remember. You only need to predict what the stock price will be 48 hours later.

That’s nothing. Even weathermen can forecast out that long.

So please, write these down.

As long as you follow this 3-step checklist…

You can feel confident you’re following the system correctly.   

  1. The stock is under $15 (no more than $1,500 in capital required). 10 contracts would be $15,000 here.
  2. Trades are never held longer than 2 trading days
  3. Minimum target of 2% cash return per weekly trade

Let’s dive even deeper into my 48-Hour Income Trade on LABU…

And how it checked all three boxes…

For an easy $405 income payment on 10 contracts.

Checkbox #1: The stock is under $15 (no more than $1,500 in capital required)… 10 contracts = $15,000.

The reason is simple: lower price contracts give the best risk-to-reward ratio. 

Here was LABU stock trading at $5.57 when we placed the trade:

Exactly How 48-Hour Income
Trades Work

“Differences in profits are much more pronounced between buy and sell orders. While long positions in options lose money on average, short positions are profitable even after fees.
— Finance Center Muenster

Or, in a nutshell…

Traders that lose money are typically buying options.

But traders that made money were selling options. 

Again, my track record is living proof of this. 

And now it’s time to show you…

Screenshot of LABU stock information.

Well over what we need it to be to collect solid income. 

Checkbox #2: Trades are never held longer than 2 trading days

This is the “goldilocks” zone for options traders who want to generate reliable income.

Remember, this strategy is focused on collecting cash every week…

48 hours is enough time to collect the majority of the premium…

Without taking on a lot of risk.

Order for LABU.

By closing trades within 48 hours, I feel confident keeping my 70% win-rate while collecting an average of potentially $300 in income on every winning trade.

Checkbox #3: Minimum target of 2% cash return per weekly trade

This is really the magic behind my 48-Hour Income Trading System

Because this is where the cash payouts really start to stack up.

We WANT steady returns.

All I needed to “win” this trade was for the stock to give us a 2% return 

If I zoom into the chart from earlier…

You can see that we just needed the stock to close a little higher than where we entered at to clear the 2% barrier.

In fact, on April 21st, LABU reached its peak, which told me it was a perfect time to collect this cash. 

I was right.

And I was $405 richer from 10 contracts.

Predicting the long-term direction of a stock is hard.

You have to analyze massive macro trends in the global economy… read through financial reports… pay attention to earnings reports… find out who the founders are…

It’s A LOT of work.

With my system, you only need to know where a stock is headed for the next two days.

Is the stock going up or down for the next 48 hours?

That’s it.

And you can make this type of short-term prediction strictly using technical analysis. 

Some of my favorite tools to find these short term movements are support and resistance channels…

Specifically looking for breakouts or bounces….

But at a certain point, you can feel these trades out.

Like the 7 winners I placed in a single day in April — those were rudimentary, I picked them quickly with little research — that’s how easy this system can be. 

It might sound hard to believe, but it’s really this simple…

  1. The stock is under $15 (no more than $1,500 in capital required). 10 contracts = $15,000.
  2. Trades are never held longer than 2 trading days
  3. Minimum target of 2% cash return per weekly trade

Let’s take a look at a few more examples of my checklist in action…

Like this bearish 48-Hour Income Trade on AMC.

Close up of the LABU stock price graph.
Graph of AMC stock graph.

AMC was currently at $5.10 a share on April 19th… check one.

After placing the trade we held for less than 2 days… check two. 

AMC had been steadily rising in price. 

And almost immediately we had our gain target… check three. 

My bearish 48-hour Income Trade proved a success…

And could’ve handed me a $240 income payout.

Here’s one more bearish 48-hour Income Trade that I think you’ll really enjoy…

This time a bearish 48-Hour Income Trade on Affirm Holdings.

The price of the stock, when I got in, was under $15… check one…

I lined up the trade for under 2 days… check two…

And predicting the price to drop, securing our 2% gain target happened naturally… 

Check three:

Order for AFRA stock.

Another $360 potential payday.

Imagine collecting an extra $360 or $405 in 48 hours from a simple trade and 10 contracts. 

What money worries would vanish for you?

You might start saving to take your family on a surprise vacation…

Family of six with their dog walking on a beach.

Pay off your bills faster…

Couple paying bills

Or simply relax knowing you have a new income stream.

All in all, using these three checkboxes, I’ve collected income on 48-Hour income trades from all sectors of the market like…

  • Biotech…
  • Banks… 
  • ETFs

And more…

Which is why I feel confident bragging about my 70% win-rate. 

Now, you can try and learn this system yourself.

There’s no doubt about it.

Using the first checkbox filters out hundreds of stocks anyways.

Then all you need to do is the technical analysis…

And find out which stocks are about to jump or dip over the next few days.

So you have two options here.

Teach yourself my 48-Hour Income Trading System.

Which is basically a 40 hour a week full time job at first. 

Once you get the hang of it, though, you can find these types of opportunities in about 10 hours of work a week after a few months.

But you have a second option….

And it’s the one that takes just 10 minutes a week to sit down in your brokerage account…

And execute a trade on Wednesday and exit on Friday. 

With this route, you can receive every single 48-Hour income Trade I make…

Every week of the year…

For an average winning income payment of $300…

Delivered directly to your email inbox…

When you join my brand-new, premium trading advisory…

As a member, you’re going to receive everything you need to generate hundreds of dollars of extra income every week of the year…


  • Access to My 48-Hour Income Trading System: The second you join, you’ll have full access to the same system that could’ve handed me weekly income payments like $360 on AFRM, $390 on FRC… and $405 on LABU…

Remember, my win rate is 70%! 

This is a proprietary trading system no one else in the world can access except your fellow founding members and me. 

  • Trade Text Alerts: You’ll receive a new 48-Hour Income Trade delivered via text every Wednesday. We may close Thursday sometimes (maybe if we collect 80% of the premium on the first day) or Friday. 

How to execute the trade, including step-by-step instructions for you to follow in your brokerage account…

And exactly what to expect by the following Friday, like the exact cash payout. Which so far in the history of this system… is a potential average payout of $300.

I’ll send you a text with all the details on how to collect your income. 

  • Weekly Live Webinars – Every Wednesday at 1:30 PM Eastern time, you can join me for a live video broadcast where I cover the week’s 48-Hour Income Trade…

These are typically just a half hour and are action-packed. 

I cover where the major indexes (Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell) are at as far as key support and resistance levels to watch. This can help determine the near-term trend and what type of bullish or bearish setups I’m looking to get into.

I then profile five stocks afterward and the setup of future 48-Hour Income Trades in  real-time… almost like you’re actually in the room with me trading side by side!

  • A Member’s Only Portal – Here, you can review all past trade alerts, any special reports, and valuable research at your convenience.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Our customer support team is available seven days a week if you need assistance or have a question about your membership.

I’ll teach you the nitty gritty of this little-known way to trade weekly options… including how to set up bearish and bullish trades in your brokerage account.

But all you really need to do for this service to work is follow my weekly trade alerts. 

Which takes about 10 minutes a week to do. 

Plus, when you jump on board….

48-Hour Income

Since new trades come every Wednesday…

This means you could place your first trade soon…

And by the end of the week, you could have up to $200, $300, or even $400 more cash in your pocket.

Sounds pretty great, right?

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how much this is all going to cost…

Normally, I don’t give discounts.

48-Hour Income is a one of a kind advisory that generates high-income plays in record fast time…

Income that can easily pay off your membership fees in the first month.

But these aren’t normal times.

A bear market… political division… potential recession… and rising costs have shattered investors’ spirits.

I can’t let that happen.

This is too important.

Which is why I want to make joining as easy as possible.

You Can Make Your First
48-Hour Income Trade ASAP

To celebrate the launch of this breakthrough trading service, I’m giving the first 100 people who join a bargain of a membership rate.

To become a founding member of 48 Hour Income takes a small $129 yearly commitment.

Considering the average 48-Hour Income Trade is currently handing $300…

That really is a bargain.

Because your very first trade you make…

Could pay off your first year’s membership by the end of the week.

In fact, you could more than double your investment in this service by Friday!

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Look at it this way….

It takes about 10 minutes a week to execute this strategy.

Which comes out to about 8 hours, the average workday for an American, per year.

One workday to generate a potential $14,592 in extra income over the next year.

And besides this special founder’s rate… there’s another reason to join…

Because when you join today…

You’re backed by…

The First 100 People Who Join
Will Receive A Special
“Founder’s” Rate

I’m so confident you’ll see a huge boost in income from 48-Hour Income

I’m going to give you a full month to test-drive it.

Here’s how this policy works…

Start your membership today. 

Download and flip through your quick start guide…

Make your first 48-Hour Income Trade tomorrow… 

Then get ready for more lightning-fast income plays every week of the month.

If you decide after 30 days this advisory isn’t right for you, no problem.

Simply let our customer support team know and they will issue a full refund of your subscription fee. 

That’s 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

At this point, I have only one question left to ask…

My Ironclad 30-Day 100%
Money-Back Policy

If you’re still reading this letter…

I think it’s safe to say you’re not satisfied with how the last few years went…

Or how much income you’re generating now.

But that can change.

It can change in the next 60 seconds when you join 48-Hour Income

And in the 10 minutes a week it takes to use this service.

I’m setting you up for success on day one… and giving you the chance to hit the ground running with your first big trade tomorrow.

A special founder’s membership rate…

And you’re fully backed by my 30-day 100% money back policy.

Remember, the chance to be a founding member is only available to the next 100 people. 

So don’t wait any longer.

Simply click the “Join Now” button below. 

Do you want to repeat the
uncertainty of the last few years?
Or do you want to generate extra income
on-demand in any market?

Join Now

But the longer you wait and stay on the sidelines… 

The more income you miss out on. 

To my knowledge, this is the best package to learn how to sell options for income currently available… 

And at just $129… with a 30-day money back policy…

The chips are stacked in your favor.

So click the big ‘JOIN NOW’ button below… 

It’ll take you to a secure order form where you can review everything I’ve discussed here… 

And then I’ll welcome you inside as the newest 48 Hour Income member!

What is the 48-Hour Income Trading System?

A 48-Hour Income Trade is a type of weekly options trade where you sell an options contract and set aside the cash to buy the stock at the same time. 

It involves predicting what the stock price will be 48 hours later and requires following a 3-step checklist that includes trading stocks under $15, holding trades no longer than 2 trading days, and aiming for a minimum target of 2% cash return per weekly trade.

How much time is required to use the 48-Hour Income Trading System?

The 48-Hour Income Trading System only requires about 10 minutes a week of your time, making it a convenient way to generate reliable weekly income.

Who can use the 48-Hour Income Trading System?

Anyone can use the 48-Hour Income Trading System to generate reliable weekly income, regardless of their experience level as an investor. 

It is a safe and secure income investing method that achieves income without sacrificing safety.

Is the 48-Hour Income Trading System a reliable source of income?

Yes, the 48-Hour Income Trading System is a reliable source of income that can potentially transform your financial situation. 

With winning payouts of, on average, $300, you can return to the standard of living you’re used to or have extra thousands of dollars in spending money.

What is the potential income payout for a 48-Hour Income Trade? 

The potential income payout for a 48-Hour Income Trade depends on the stock being traded and the success of the trade. 

Income payouts can range from $300 to $405 per trade. 

However, it is important to note that these are potential payouts, and actual earnings may vary.

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