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“My investing anxiety level has dropped to almost nothing and I am spending way less time managing my portfolio. The Dividend Hunter is worth its weight in gold to me. The dividends I am already collecting make me feel prepared to retire at almost any time I want.”

Steve C. – 2018

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For over a decade, we have helped more than 26,000 Americans secure a new lifelong income stream. Now it’s your turn.

For the last 10 years, I’ve perfected a simple extra income strategy, applying it to my own 401(k) and sharing it with thousands of readers.

This isn’t just any strategy—it’s a battle-tested, market-proof plan providing you with the financial stability you deserve.

A way to create 12 new monthly payouts for you.

The reason for its success is simplicity: it focuses only on stocks that pay and grow their dividends.

Thanks to my simple income strategy, you’ll have awesome days where cash automatically shows up in your account.

You’ll feel that stress sitting in your chest disappear. You’ll start living in the present again rather than worrying about the future.

You’ll have enough saved to weather any unexpected medical bills.

Even being in a position to give more to fundraisers. Plus, there will be no more fears about being forced to pull out the credit card and go into debt.

It’s freedom. Freedom to spend your time as you want without any outside pressures.

You won’t need to make concessions to pay that inflated gas bill in the winter months. You’ll enjoy the freedom of not relying on others.

But the only way to get to this ‘freedom from monthly bills’ is to have a new source of income stream in place…

I honestly struggled for years to make money for both myself and my clients. None of the “complicated” trading methods touted worked or made any sense. Those who taught them seemed only interested in making themselves rich, not my clients.

After serving in the Air Force, I spent eight years as a stockbroker and licensed financial advisor.

Tim Plaehn

The Dividend Hunter

It wasn’t until I discovered the simple strategy behind dividend investing that everything clicked.

Rather than searching for ‘hot stocks,’ I now invest knowing how much income I’ll generate…

And focus on the stocks that could grow that income.

That’s the strategy I've been using in my own 401(k) and recommending to thousands of my readers over the last 10 years…

Especially beneficial for those seeking safety and regular payouts.

Did you know the average cost of retirement is $951,000?

Will you have enough? I hope so…

A recent study revealed that the average amount held in a retirement account today is just $88,400.

That means that the typical worker has a $862,600 gap between their actual savings and their retirement.

So you need a strategy that not only gives you income, but that grows that income over the next few years.

This truly is a game-changer for retirement living.

Predictable income without a job equals freedom for life. If only more people knew about what you’ll discover here today.

So I built this income strategy to solve the looming issues most retirees face.

Oaktree Capital Group hit one of its highest price points at $54.14 in 2015. I recommended selling.

In the next 11 months, the stock tanked nearly 25%. It never got back up to the $50s.

So don’t count with price appreciation, because you may never see it.

What You Get

A recent survey from the TransAmerica Institute revealed the top three fears that Americans have about retirement:

#1: Outliving Savings and Investments
#2: Long-term Care Costs
#3: Social Security Will Reduce or End

Let me repeat that: today’s retirees fear running out of money more than anything in the world, including death.

You’re forced to depend on the government or get charity from your family if you don’t have any money. Maybe even rely on strangers.

And that survey also matches my own findings…

I’ve talked to hundreds of my readers, and asked, “What’s your biggest fear financially?”

The #1 fear, by far, was “I am afraid I’ll run out of money and go broke.”

We have to go higher, targeting 8-9%.

That will make ALL the difference so you can compound money faster…

Blue chips, like IBM or Johnson and Johnson, typically pay 1-4% yields. That’s not enough to retire on.

So we have to dig deeper to find the best income-producing companies with higher yields like 8%…9%...13.4%…even 21.6%.

To be successful, you only need two criteria:

 • The company is growing in the next 3-5 years.

 • The dividends have a track record of increasing or staying steady.

So I spend much of my day in the trenches — finding rock solid companies - so you don't have to.

In my first issue, in June of 2014, I recommended Starwood Property Trust Inc to my readers.

Over the past 10 years, the company has been consistently and predictably paying $0.48 per share, four times a year, much like a Swiss clock.

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 • 12 monthly newsletter issues: where I teach you how to develop a successful dividend investing strategy with my high-yield picks. These issues hold the picks that you will need.

 • Start Out portfolio: I always have a “Start Out Portfolio” in the members area so you know what stocks to buy first - so you can start your new income portfolio right now.

 • Weekly Mailbag Video: Have a question for me? You can send it in and I will respond over the next Friday in our Weekly Mailbag video.

 • Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar: You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your predictable dividend income stream. An absolute must-have and it’s updated every month.

 • Weekly Buy recommendations: Every Tuesday I’ll send you an update on the current ‘best buys’ in the portfolio so you’ll know where to put any new or additional investment funds so you can reign in even more cash.

 • Weekly alerts: I will send you a note every week for Dividend Hunter portfolio ex-div stocks announcements! Make sure you have them in your portfolio to capture the dividends.

 • Regular training and education: This way you’ll become a better income investor and put you in a position to make even more extra income during retirement with our webinar library and new training.

 • New Artificial Intelligence APP: As part of your Dividend Hunter membership, you now have access to Magnifi, a state-of-the-art AI investing copilot, completely free of charge. Not only does it come with $10,000 worth of professional-level data, you can track your investment with it.

Join The Dividend Hunter family

For the amount of value you’re getting, I’d be tempted to offer zero refunds. I can’t afford to waste time with investors who aren’t serious.

I tested my strategy for a decade alongside thousands of investors… And I know that it works.  

However, I understand there will always be skeptical folks in this day and age of the internet, especially because you’ve never met me.

So, to make it a no-brainer decision for you, I’m offering a 365-day money-back pledge.

That’s an entire year to test out the strategy, see all of my research, and start collecting dividend checks.

365 Full Days To Test Out

Join Now

Nothing, really. Dividend stocks are not as vulnerable to the wild swings of the market.

Instead, they pay out regardless of what the market does - which is why it’s the perfect strategy for stable retirement income.


What happens to my income if the market goes down?

What if I’m close to retirement age?

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 60 - this strategy works at any age.

Is this passive income? How much time do I have to devote to this?

You do still have to actually make the trades. But gone are the days of staring at your computer screen for hours every day.

And it is so easy to do, it only takes a few minutes a month.

I will give a clearcut guide with practical steps so you can start today.

How will we find these high-paying dividend stocks?

I’ll give them to you.

We’re not looking for household names here. I’ll find companies that are growing for the next 3-5 years. Then, I’ll whittle down that list to only companies that have had steady or growing dividends.

I find these stocks by doing the legwork: attending conferences, looking at company presentations, and meetings.

I find the info you can’t find on a balance sheet, and use that to find the best dividend paying stocks on the market for you.

Won’t we miss out on big winners if we focus on this strategy?

This is a “moneyball”-type strategy.

We’re looking for steady base-hitters, not home runs. Why?

Our main goal is stability.

We want reliable income from our stocks. Trying to hit home runs will leave us open to a lot of strikeouts.

But if we focus on base-hitters, we can put together a steady stream of income that we can rely on long-term.

Learn How

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The Dividend Hunter


All payments are secured by 256-bit encryption

Your subscription includes a convenient auto-renew. You will be automatically billed $99 in 12 months.

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No options, cryptocurrencies, day trading, futures, or penny stocks.

Just cold hard cash paying machines.

So you could have plenty of money to cover your expenses —  groceries, healthcare, bills, travels -  and anything else you need.

And it's so simple to use this strategy. It only takes a few minutes a month.

So start collecting your first income pay over the next 30 days…

And secure your 12 new monthly payouts over the next year for the equivalent to $4.08 a month.

The benefits of taking this small step today are life-changing, as thousands of my readers can confirm.

Using a strategy that changed my life and the lives of 26,000 other investors.

“Before discovering the Dividend Hunter last year, I was a growth stock investor. Then last spring my tech heavy portfolio tanked by 25% and I knew I needed to look elsewhere.”

Bill M. – 2022

“I decided to retire in 2021 and sought information on shifting from a growth strategy to an income based strategy to support retirement as my 401(k) and brokerage accounts were not earning enough.”

Paul D. -  2021

“Thanks so much for making us money! :) Life is much simpler just following your recommendations, enjoying retirement and not having to worry so much about how my portfolio is doing. It doesn't get any better than that. I just wish I had started investing in dividend stocks 25 years ago.”

Kris B. - 2021

That’s why I decided to put together an income strategy that not only would deliver consistent income, but also grew.

If you’re prepared to be a disciplined and consistent investor, this plan will be your saving light.

Because in retirement, you need to be focused on income if you want your money to outlive you.

Living stress-free without taking a part-time job requires regular cash flow.

Our entire goal is to lay the groundwork in our portfolio for massive income. That’s it, plain and simple.

Income pays your bills, hence our focus.

And you’ll be shocked how little the risk is to do this… In fact, you don't need to worry anymore about market's swings.

“I am 73 years old and retired. I played in the stock market and was mainly afraid of a major crash and would lose everything. So, I decided to go real in the stock market: I bought the Dividend Hunter. Thanks for everything you do, and I know my kids appreciate you also… they just do not know it yet. You are doing an excellent job.”

Jim B. – 2021

Since we started The Dividend Hunter, in June 2014, the market went up and down like a roller-coaster…

But you shouldn’t care! That’s the crazy nature of the market and it simply doesn’t matter for our strategy.

The S&P 500  got 4% down in 2018 and tanked 18% over in 2022…

But, other years went soaring by even 31%, like in 2019.

I’m looking for cash payouts, not homeruns gains - in fact, that could be a huge mistake…  

“You are straight-talking, straight-shooting guys, with no BS. I have come to trust you and will be subscribing exclusively to your services and no others. I subscribed to a variety of services, they all want to hit an elusive capital gains homerun. But your philosophy of earning (and compounding) INCOME is what we need to ensure we do not outlive our money.”

Richard A. - 2022

If you’re expecting to live off capital gains, you could be headed for disaster.

Capital gains don’t pay the bills. It’s not ‘real’ money until it’s in your checking account.

But the only way to capture those gains is by doing something crippling… You have to sell your stocks to receive the profits!

With my strategy, we are not praying for massive 1,000% gains. We want income. Period.

We will only buy companies if they are solid and have a bright financial future…

And we will only sell if we believe the stock is getting too expensive to sustain itself.

Many of my closed positions follow this exact roadmap, and it’s worked perfectly. My readers sold right before the stocks dropped.

"I retired from my utility job 16 years ago. I was hit hard financially in 2008 and on top of that, by 2016, I realized I was selling off our assets to live, and needed dividends for income. That’s when I found Tim, and I’ve been extremely happy since then.”

Glen C - 2021

I started The Dividend Hunter strategy to grow my own income.

Like I said, we live off our dividends, so it provides that active income we need.

So I look for companies that pay above-average dividends each quarter - some every month.

It’s not unusual to see 8%…13.4%…even 21.6% yields.

All paid out regularly, like a paycheck. Meaning, you know exactly how much you’ll make every month.

The stock price may go up or down. We don’t care!

If a company is growing and they expect to increase their income payouts, we stay with them through the dark days.

Just like Main Street Capital Corporation, the stock that I recommended in July 2014:

 • At that time, it was paying 16 cents per share…

 • Ten years later it is already paying us 24 cents every month. A solid 50% dividend increase!

So when the market is down, you should start celebrating and be grateful: cheaper prices means more income for you.

Meaning, we don’t panic if our stock goes down 10% because eventually, it will go up again.

When it goes down 10%, we buy more of the stock and pick it up at a nice discount because we’re picking up the income along the way.

That’s how we make money at a faster pace: buying good businesses going down to compound our income.

Check out Main Street stock again, in March 2020…

The stock went down because of the Covid crash…

But that made the dividend yield soared.

And that's my job…

We are going for the biggest and safest dividends possible.

“As a retired physician starting to invest in 2019, I look for someone who is very detailed and analytical in his research. Tim evaluates the companies for me, he gives me the edge in investing I need. I've traded stocks for a long time on my own, even options, but have never had as much success as I would have liked. Feel confident that my investments will provide a long and comfortable retirement.”

James K. - 2021

Normally, companies paying out large sums are not household names.

As you can see…

The difference between achieving total freedom could be 35 years or just 8 years.

Giving us a nice 9% yield today.

But, like I’ve told you, in my portfolio I have stocks with even 21.6% yield…

And some stocks pay you monthly just to hold them.  

This type of predictable and consistent payment is what you need to be free…

In fact, you’ll know down-to-the-day when your checks arrive. Imagine that like clockwork forever?

This is possible…

And I’ll show you how that works with my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.

In the calendar, you’ll get the exact dates when you need to be an owner of the stocks and when you should expect your "paychecks".

It’s pretty clear-cut and extremely powerful in helping you build wealth faster.

It’s pretty exciting when you see money deposited and you didn’t do a lick of work.

Why live in a constant state of fear the markets will collapse or not know how much to safely withdraw?

Our Dividend Hunter strategy completely cuts out the fear of the unknown.

I have more than 30 of the best income producing investments in my portfolio.

But to make sure you collect your first income check next month, you just have to check my..

The Dividend Hunter service is where I reveal how to profit from top dividend companies and see consistent “paychecks”.

What you get with a risk-free subscription to The Dividend Hunter:

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Start Up Portfolio - First stocks to buy

As soon as you become a member, I will give you my 6 best picks so you can lock your first payout in 30 days.

What would you do with these 12 new monthly income checks?

More than 26,000 investors have already secured these payouts using a proven dividend strategy over the past decade...

If you act now, it’s yours for just $4.08/month.